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There is almost no better feeling than setting a goal & meeting it. At YMCA we love to celebrate our students successes as they achieve the goals they have set for themselves during their time with us.


Our students come from varied backgrounds but all start a YMCA course with one shared goal to get ahead. Gaining self confidence, Developing new skills to finding a new job.


Our Success Stories

Nikita's Story


My name is Nikita. I never really had a good start with education. At college I started off well but then ended up falling in with 'the wrong crowd' and my education and look on life plummeted. At age fifteen I desperately wanted to leave school and everyone in it. I had heard about the YMCA and the good they had done for a friend of mine, so I setup an interview to get into a course, in which I was accepted. On my first day I remember walking into the class and sitting down just to find out that we were taking an outdoor day. This surprised me. We went to the beach for a BBQ in which I connected wih the other classmates, who I realized were not bad kids but a lot like myself.


While at the YMCA I completed my NCEA Level 1 and 2. Also, my tutor at the time encouraged me to apply for a job which I now have had for almost a year, with fulltime work. The tutors at the YMCA are all so understanding and encouraging. They are the nicest people in the world who help with all sorts, not just education but personal problems as well. Since being at the YMCA I have gained so much more confidence in myself as well as others, and I highly recommend it.


Although not all the work is fun and you sometimes just want to throw yourself at a brick wall, the tutors are always there with friendly advice as well as a good attitude, no matter what you throw at them. The YMCA, I can proudly say, has been a big part of my life and what I am today. Without it I doubt I wouldn't be anywhere near as happy as I am or would have completed so much of my education. In my time attending the YMCA I have learned so many life skills, like budgeting, working as a team etc. Not only do you get your education, you get a family. This is my success story and I would just like to thank everyone involved in it. I will never forget my time at the Nelson YMCA.  (Nikita C.)

William's letter of thanks


My name is William and I have recently been accepted into the New Zealand Defence Force with much thanks to YMCA Nelson.


I approached the YMCA in the early months of 2013 as I needed some extra NZQA credits to get into my chosen field. The YMCA were more than happy to help me obtain the credits along with assistance with writing letters, recommendations and everything else where they could help.


Thank you Chris, Bryan and the team at the YMCA for the extra push needed for me to get into my new career!!

Damien's Journey


Damien came to us after a 2 year absence from any form of education. Upon joining the Pathways class Damien was struggling both with the Unit Standards and also socially.


Pathways was able to tailor a programme that was more suited to his needs. As a result of this Damien gained greater confidence in his ability to achieve academically and in turn his social confidence.


He was both accepted and encouraged by other students. His attendance and willingness to partake in class activities, the friendships he has formed, and the increase of his self-esteem has made Damien an asset to the Pathways class.


Damien is now volunteering at the local Hospice shop, has achieved over 40 credit thus far this year, and has obtained his full drivers license. He actively participates in class fundraising and is in the process of moving out on his own.


Through the support of the YMCA family, Damien has been able to move foward and come into his own. The support and caring he receives from other students has been instrumental in his journey.

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